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In English, Melody Piper is voiced by Laura Bailey.

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Melody is a DJ with considerable talent, if the fact that she's Briar Beauty's favorite is anything to go by. She doesn't seem to care about Headmaster Grimm and his rules much as she interrupts him to start the party and skip the speech. She always wants everybody to have good time.

Appearance Edit

Melody has lavender-white hair streaked dark purple, violet-brown eyes, and olive skin. Melody's type of style is noticed as classy, yet edgy and spunky. She enjoys splashing some black accents in her clothing and ornate patterns with musical notes.

Fairy tale Edit

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Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Melody is the daughter of the Pied Piper, who is a teacher at Ever After High. While her father has the habit of summoning rats whenever he blows on his trumpet, each time Melody deejays, three blind mice tend to dance along.

Friends Edit

It appears that she is a friend of Briar Beauty. She is also roommates with Ginger Breadhouse who she comes to for advice at times. Melody is also close with Meeshell Mermaid.