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In English, Hopper Croakington II is voiced by Cam Clarke. In Latin American Spanish, he is voiced by Manuel Campuzano.

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Personality Edit

Hopper essentially has two personalities: he is debonair in frog form, while his human form brings out the pushy and awkward in him. This results in a much repeated circle of his frog self charming ladies, who then kiss him, turning him human, at which point his nervousness prompts his change back into a frog. Hopper is well-aware of his 'quirk' and laments the sorry state of his existence. Hopper also has tendencies to turn into a frog purposely to grab kisses from other girls.[1]

Appearance Edit

Hopper has chestnut curly hair with a stray lock in front, swampy green eyes, pale white skin and light-brown, dusted freckles. He usually sports blazers, princely long-sleeved jackets, bow ties, and shorts. Hopper is cute, and boyish in looks. In frog form, he is green, has a red neck wrap with a bow on it around his neck, and a tiny gold crown.

Fairy tale Edit

Main article: The Frog Prince

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

He is the son of the Frog Prince from the story with the same name.

Friends Edit

C.A. Cupid takes some pity on Hopper's state and works to help him. Furthermore, it seems he appreciates the company of fellow princes Daring and Dexter Charming. Hopper and Briar Beauty seem to get along well too and are frequently seen together. Daring is also his roommate, so they most likely get along.

Pet Edit

Drake is Hopper's pet dragonfly who can breathe fire.

Romance Edit

Hopper has a huge crush on Briar Beauty, who does not return the affection to his human form, but is somewhat impressed by the charm of his frog form, though she is unaware that the two personalities are linked to his forms.

Hopper himself is the object of affection to Ginger Breadhouse. But in Kiss and Spell, true love's kiss turns Hopper back into human and both have to love each other.

Outfits Edit

Signature - Royals Edit

Hopper wears a white shirt and a pink vest under a red blazer with gold embroidery and black trim. He also wears cargo shorts, leather shoes, and green socks. In both human form and frog form, he wears a red bow tie and his tiny crown.

Legacy Day Edit

For his pledge, Hopper wears a three piece suit with a red shirt, green bow tie, black vest, and green coat. Over this, he wears a fur-trimmed cape. His accessories include a larger crown and a gold medal.

Thronecoming Edit

Hopper has his hair styled neat. He has a tuck-in fuschia bib, a satin gold and white tuxedo and formal attire.

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