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In English, Holly is voiced by Colleen Foy. In Latin American Spanish, she is voiced by Jocelyn Robles.

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Being daughter of Rapunzel, she is already used to letting others use her hair for tower escapes and she seems happy to help. She enjoys reading and often tells her sister Poppy stories. Because of this she is regarded as smart. This is a pastime she will rely heavily on in her own fairy tale. Holly is a total Royal enthusiast and she is incredibly preppy.

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Holly has very long auburn hair with a braid on the side which its real color may or may not be strawberry blond. She has pale white skin, aqua-blue-green colored eyes (but more blue), and natural pink lips. Holly's choice of attire is quaint yet charming - she enjoys braiding her hair or styling it in an up-do and embellishing her accessories with hollies, hence her name. With her outfits, Holly usually wears pastel colors with gold.

Interests Edit

Holly fancies reading in the library, as she knows that she's going to be doing much of it alone when she becomes the next Rapunzel. Along with reading, she indulges in writing as well. Be it writing stories or fan fiction about her friends, Holly claims that imagination is a princess's best friend.

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Family Edit

Holly is one of Rapunzel's daughters. She has a twin sister named Poppy O'Hair, but Holly will become the next Rapunzel because it was thought she was born first. It is known these days within the O'Hair household that Poppy is actually the older twin, but since no one else knows and the twins are happy with their respective paths, the truth is kept secret.

Nona is the twins' nanny and caretaker.

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Besides her sister Poppy, Holly often relies on the help of Blondie to ensure that she's not locked behind any doors.

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She has a lion cub named Clipper. He is charmed to stay young forever after.

Romance Edit

Holly has a secret crush on Daring Charming. She fears others, Apple in particular, finding out. Sparrow Hoodhas a secret crush on Holly.