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In English, Ginger Breadhouse is voiced by Salli Saffioti, credited as Celeste Henderson. In Latin American Spanish, Ginger Breadhouse is voiced by Hiromi Hayakawa and Mireya Mendoza.

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Ginger is a shy girl who doesn't like her destiny and would rather be a pastry chef with her own cooking show as she loves baking and sharing her treats with others, to the point where refusing to try them will hurt her feelings. She is sweet-natured and forgiving, bearing no ill will to those who wrong her. Despite the fact that most are against the idea of Ginger going Rebel, Ginger always comes out on top with her motivated spirits and unwavering will to do what she loves.

Appearance Edit

Ginger has long hot pink hair in two low ponytails, warm brown skin, and dark brown eyes (bright purple eyes in the webisodes). She wears pink-framed glasses. Ginger's outfits are usually bright in color; typically the colors pink or yellow are included. Ginger likes choosing her outfits that tie in with simple food designs. She also has black dots under her eyes. To others she may seem like a "geek". Despite not liking her destiny as the next Candy Witch, she enjoys her destiny's style.

Interests Edit

Ginger spends most of her time baking for the school and sneaking her treats into baking shops. Being the daughter of the Candy Witch is a minor obstacle for her pursuing her passion. She'd rather bake treats for students at Ever After High than poison them.

Fairy tale Edit

Main article: Hansel and Gretel

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Ginger's mother is the witch from Hansel and Gretel, known on her known as the Candy Witch. 

Friends Edit

Raven Queen is friendly towards her due to having a similar background (her mother). She also considers Cerise Hood her BFFA as they have known each other since childhood. Faybelle Thorn and Ginger have been close since childhood, but due to the tension between their fairytale parents, they were driven apart because of Faybelle's found overconfidence in herself. Still, Faybelle often talks with Ginger but she leaves a snide impression. Ginger is roommates with Melody Piper, who considers her a best friend and has been known turn to her for advice.

Pet Edit

Jelly is Ginger's gummy candy fish. She accidentally created him during Science and Sorcery while trying to get extra credit. Later, she got two other fish companions for Jelly which she is still deciding names for.

Romance Edit

She has an unrequited crush on Hopper Croakington II, who she believes has a belief that she will turn him into frog leg soup.

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