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Alistair Wonderland[]

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  • Parent: Alice
  • Parent's Story: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Secret Heart's Desire: I want to explore the entire fairytale world, Wonderland and beyond!
  • My "Magic" Touch: With just a little observation, I can solve any puzzle and unravel any riddle.
  • Storybook Romance Status: I have a crush on Bunny Blanc, but I think she only sees me as a friend.
  • "Oh Curses!" Moment: My curiosity can get the best of me.
  • Favorite Subject: Geografairy. I learn how the world is mapped out, and also which areas have yet to be discovered.
  • Least Favorite Subject: Cooking Class-ic. How do I know when I eat something it won't make me shrink or grow?
  • Best Friends Forever After: All of my Wonderland friends, from Madeline Hatter to Bunny Blanc.
  • Crushes: Bunny Blac

Brooke Page[]

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  • Parent: Daughter of the Narrators
  • Parent's Story: They are part of every story that starts with Once Upon a Time...
  • Secret Heart's Desire: Just because I'm destined to be the narrator doesn't mean I don't want to have my own story.
  • My "Magic" Touch: I can go unnoticed as I follow every story unfolding.
  • Storybook Romance Status: I'm so busy following everyone else's storybook romances, I haven't even thought about my own.
  • "Oh Curses!" Moment: I know I'm not supposed to interfere with the storyline... but sometimes I can't help myself.
  • Favorite Subject: Creative Storytelling. I love learning about new ways to share stories throughout the Mirror Network.
  • Least Favorite Subject: The History of Tall Tales is so boring. I was born a narrator, so I already know every word in every page of these stories.
  • Best Friends Forever After: All fairytales are my friends!

Bunny Blanc[]

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  • Parent: The White Rabbit
  • Parent's Story: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Roommate: Faybelle Thorn
  • Secret Heart's Desire: To be Wonderland's official tour guide. Everyone should know how hare-raisingly awesome it is.
  • My "Magic" Touch: I can change from a human to a rabbit and back again whenever I want!
  • Storybook Romance Status: I only have eyes for Alistair Wonderland. It's heartbreaking that he sees me as just a friend.
  • "Oh Curses!" Moment: Actually, I have no sense of direction. But I always arrive at my destination on time, so it's all good!
  • Favorite Subject: Muse-ic. As royal herald, I love playing jazzy melodies on my horn.
  • Least Favorite Subject: Geografairy. Who needs maps? Eventually you'll wind up exactly where you're supposed to be.
  • Best Friends Forever After: All of us Wonderlandians stick together, but I'm closest to Alistair Wonderland and Lizzie Hearts.
  • Crushes: Alistair Wonderland

Darling Charming[]

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  • Parent: King Charming and Queen Charming
  • Parent's Story: Every fairytale where a Princess requires rescuing... *sigh* whatever-after!
  • Roommate: Rosabella Beauty
  • Secret Heart's Desire: To show the fairytale world that this princess has what it takes to be the brave hero.
  • My "Magic" Touch: When I toss my hair, everything around me starts moving in slow motion.
  • Storybook Romance Status: I like guys who are pure of heart, but my brothers chase away anyone who tries to ask me out.
  • "Oh Curses!" Moment: People need to stop treating me like I'm helpless.
  • Favorite Subject: Hero Training. Even though I have to disguise myself as a knight, I get to show off my best talents.
  • Least Favorite Subject: Damsel in Distressing. Pretending to be helpless and in need of rescuing is such a fairy fail.
  • Best Friends Forever After: Raven Queen and Rosabella Beauty. They're both strong and stand up for what they believe in.

Duchess Swan[]

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  • Parent: The Swan Queen
  • Parent's Story: Swan Lake
  • Roommate: Lizzie Hearts
  • Secret Heart's Desire: My story deserves more attention! I'm royally sick of being treated like a second tier princess.
  • My "Magic" Touch: Not only can I change into a swan whenever I want, but I can also dance on water.
  • Storybook Romance Status: Once I get Daring Charming's attention, I just know he'll ask me out.
  • "Oh Curses!" Moment: Okay, I admit it looks bad, but when I get honking mad, my feathers start flying.
  • Favorite Subject: Dance Class-ic. Wings down, I'm the best dancer at school, especially in ballet.
  • Least Favorite Subject: Muse-ic. If you must know, I honk horribly when I sing.
  • Best Friends Forever After: Faybelle Thorn. Fairytales of a feather flock together.

Faybelle Thorn[]

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  • Parent: The Dark Fairy
  • Parent's Story: The Sleeping Beauty
  • Roommate: Bunny Blanc
  • Secret Heart's Desire: To be the Queen of Fairies and the Queen of Villains! Why? Because I rule!
  • My "Magic" Touch: When I cheer a spell, I can make any curse more powerful!
  • Storybook Romance Status: There are some wicked cute guys at school, but a relationship would just clip my wings.
  • "Oh Curses!" Moment: People always forget to invite me to parties. Good thing it's my destiny to arrive unannounced.
  • Favorite Subject: General Villainy. Even when I'm winging it, I'm crown of the class.
  • Least Favorite Subject: Home Evilnomics. The person in front of me gets the last ingredients every time. Every time!
  • Best Friends Forever After: Briar Beauty is my best frenemy forever after, and Duchess Swan is wicked cool.

Ginger Breadhouse[]

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  • Parent: The Candy Witch
  • Parent's Story: Hansel & Gretel
  • Roommate: Melody Piper
  • Secret Heart's Desire: Cooking to make people happy is a far better use of my culinary magic.
  • My "Magic" Touch: I can bake secret spells into my food. Imagine eating ice cream that turns you invisible.
  • Storybook Romance Status: I wish Hopper Croakington II would ask me out, but I think he's scared I'll turn him into frog legs.
  • "Oh Curses!" Moment: Though my ideas are never half-baked, I sometimes bite off more than I can chew.
  • Favorite Subject: Cooking Class-ic, obviously! I'm the best at what I do, and what I do tastes spellicious!
  • Least Favorite Subject: History of Evil Spells. I like the taste of the "spells" part, but why does it have to be "evil"?
  • Best Friends Forever After: Cerise Hood. We're on the same page—it's no fun when people expect you to be something you're not.

Kitty Cheshire[]

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  • Parent: The Cheshire Cat
  • Parent's Story: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Roommate: Madeline Hatter
  • Secret Heart's Desire: To unravel rules, just like I would a ball of yarn.
  • My "Magic" Touch: Obviously, I can turn invisible and POOF from place to place without being seen.
  • Storybook Romance Status: Forget boys with puppy dog eyes. Give me a guy who’s the cat’s meow.
  • "Oh Curses!" Moment: My curiosity gets me in a lot of trouble.
  • Favorite Subject: Geografairy. After I memorize the lay of the land, I can appear anywhere I want.
  • Least Favorite Subject: Swim Class in Grimmnastics. Just thinking about getting soaked makes my fur stand on end.
  • Best Friends Forever After: Lizzie Hearts. She's my sister from another litter.

Rosabella Beauty[]

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  • Parents: The Beauty and The Beast
  • Parent's Story: The Beauty and The Beast
  • Roommate: Darling Charming
  • Secret Heart's Desire: To show people that within every beast there is potential for beauty.
  • My ''Magic'' Touch: Looks can't fool me. I can see people for who they truly are.
  • Storybook Romance Status: I admit I'm hexcited to meet my beastly prince!
  • ''Oh Curses'' Moment: My throat gets sore from roaring about injustice all the time.
  • Favorite Subject: Royal Student Council is a great way to make much needed change in the system.
  • Least Favorite Subject: Beast Training & Care. Magical animals were never meant to be locked in cages.
  • Best Friends Forever After: My cousin Briar Beauty. Also, Cerise Hood has a big, bad heart of gold.
  • Crushes: Darling Charming