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 Along with the diaries, the doll profiles are the most significant type of doll logs included with the Ever After High dolls. They are all uploaded to the Ever After High website, but physically exclusively included with the 'Signature' dolls.

Doll profiles are written from a first person perspective and provide basic information about the characters in ten categories, name included. The doll profiles are technically in continuity with all other continuities, though they are closest to the diary continuity. That said, the doll profiles exist in a sort of time vacuum where they are not susceptible to change and later doll profiles are to be read in the same moment as the older ones.


The doll profiles have been distributed over several subpages based on the year in which a character received its first doll. Below is a table for quick navigation.

Year Characters
2013 Apple WhiteAshlynn EllaBlondie LockesBriar BeautyC.A. CupidCerise HoodHunter HuntsmanMadeline HatterRaven Queen

Cedar WoodDexter CharmingHolly O'HairLizzie HeartsPoppy O'Hair


Alistair WonderlandBrooke PageBunny BlancDarling CharmingDuchess SwanFaybelle ThornGinger BreadhouseKitty CheshireRosabella Beauty