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Darling Charming debuted in the cartoon series in the Chapter 3 TV special "Spring Unsprung", which premiered on February 06, 2015. She is voiced by Marieve Herington in the English version of the cartoon.

Chapter 3Edit


Darling attends Damsel-in-Distressing and is asked by Maid Marian to get her brother. She complies and wanders off, only to get out her suit of armor to play as Daring in front of the class. When she returns, she finds that her class is in trouble and her fighting skills are put to the test against a dragon. After vanquishing it, Daring takes all the credit. Save Me, Darling!

TV specialsEdit

Way Too Wonderland - Darling revealed
After an adventure with Ginger Breadhouse, she watches Ginger walk her way back to Ever After High. When the coast is clear, Darling removes her helmet, revealing that she is the one in the White Knight's armor. Spring Unsprung Darling attends Apple's Study Hall Wonderland-themed meeting and is the earliest to arrive. Darling doesn't follow the six girls down Wonderland's path and instead gears up in her White Knight getup the entire time. After defeating the Red Knight, Darling reveals herself at the Queen of Hearts's party. Way Too Wonderland


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