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Darling Charming - Holly O'Hair - Poppy O'Hair - Raven Queen

Rules of Dragon GamesEdit

  1. Field of play must be 200 dragons long, with 2 hoops at either end
  2. Two teams play, each made up of 3 dragon riders
    1. 1 winger to score points
    2. 1 blocker to protect their team's hoop
    3. 1 swooper to help both offense and defense
  3. The ball must be dragonproof
  4. Points are scored when the ball goes through the other team's hoop
  5. Bonus: Collect floating magic gems for bonus points
  6. Use of poison apples will result in a penalty!!!
  7. All players must wear the required uniform—fableous dragon armor!

Note from Darling:Edit

Just like me, Herowing is so much more than she appears. Her powder blue scales may make her look like the most dainty dragon on the field, but she's actually got quite the charming magic touch. You see, most dragons breathe fire, but Herowing breathes ice! Talk about royally cool! Not only can she freeze the other teams in their tracks, but she'll also keep our drinks cold during halftime.