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 If the amount of character-differentiated dolls might seem overwhelming, Ever After High has plenty more characters other than those with dolls. In fact, since the number of characters has become so large, the page has been split into four portions.

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  • Students
    • Rebels - The Rebels are those students who disagree that their futures should be pre-determined and seek to change the system that condemns them to a destiny most of them do not want.
    • Royals - The Royals are those who agree that their futures should be pre-determined and seek to protect the system that ties them to a destiny most of them eagerly look forward to.
    • Neutral students - In addition to the Rebels and Royals, there's a large number of students with no or an unclear allegiance.
  • Adults
    • Ever After High staff - The staff and associates of the titular high school, regardless whether they teach or fulfill another function, regardless when they were associated with Ever After High, and regardless of the fiction they appear in.
    • Other adults - All the individual, adult characters that appear in Ever After High, but aren't related to the school.
  • Pets
    • Most students possess a pet which serves as their closest companion.
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