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Hello, dear hearts! For many chapters now I've hosted this MirrorCast show, offering advice on love to any and all who ask. Some want to know how to capture a date for the school dance, some want to know if that cutie in Crownculus class is crushing on them. Once I even had a caller ask if they could borrow my love-charmed bow and arrows for an afternoon. Um, sorry, but no. Been there, done that, got the crazy tale of mixed-up hearts to tell you on some other day!

Today I want to have a heart-to-heart about one question which seems to come up over and over on my show, and that is what to do when you've been HeartStruck. However, this is a question that is fairy tricky for me to answer. How can I offer sensible advice when I've been HeartStruck myself?

Maybe you're surprised that this could happen to me – Cupid! Or maybe you're wondering exactly what "HeartStruck" means? Well, if you do not understand it now, just you wait. Once upon a someday it will happen: you will be going about your normal fairytale day, and in an instant, THWACK! Without warning, you will feel as though you've been struck - struck with love for another heart! After that, nothing else will seem to matter except capturing that heart, and yet anytime you get near to it you will find you are incapable of even the most basic charming behavior. Your mind will go blank, your eardrums will pound, your knees will turn to jelly and your feet will turn to stone. Worst of all, your mouth will forget to know how to do the talking with the words and the sentences and the oh, make it stop!

Please, you say, is there a magical cure? Hex no! There is no cure for the most powerful magic of all: love. And why would you want one? Notice how suddenly your world is more enchanted than it's ever been. Somehow, when you're HeartStruck, the birds are always singing, the sun is always shining, and even the Castle-teria porridge-casserole smells like roses. It may not be easy being HeartStruck, but remember: this is how many a Happily Ever After begins!