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Quotation1 I did interfere with the story, but I'm glad I did! I care about these guys, Mom. And just like they want to make their own choices in life - I want to make mine too. Quotation2
Brooke in "Way Too Wonderland"
Brooke Page
Profile art - Brooke Page II
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Side Rebel
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BFFAs All fairytales are my friends!
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Brooke Page is a 2015-introduced and fiction-only character. She is part of all fairy tales as the next narrator, and a student at Ever After High. In the destiny conflict, she is on the Rebel side because she doesn't abide well with the rules of narration and she wants her own story despite being destined to become the next narrator.


In English, Brooke is voiced by Marieve Herington.



Brooke often has trouble adapting to the ways of narrating. She is prone to have urges to break the fourth wall and ensure that the story concludes happily and sooner, rather than letting it play out on its own. Her parents, the narrators, disapprove of her behavior as a narrator. Brooke tends to misuse her abilities as a narrator to make the story go as she likes, such as the power to rewind scenes or inflict changes on the weather.[1]


Brooke has wavy, dark-colored hair covering her left eye.



She is the daughter of the two narrators.


Brooke occasionally depends on the help of Madeline Hatter for the story to end the right way. Her bio lists her friends as practically every fairytale.


Brooke is so busy following up on the love lives of everyone else, she doesn't have time to think about her own.




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