• Alistair Wonderland (voiced by Robbie Daymond]) – The son of Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He desires to explore the entire fairytale world. He has a crush on fellow Wonderland student Bunny Blanc, but believes she only thinks of him as a friend. His doll debuted at the New York Toy Fair in 2015.

Portrayers Edit

In English, Alistair is voiced by Robbie Daymond. In Latin American Spanish, Alistair is voiced by José Ángel Torres.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Alistair loves a good riddle and is very witty. Sometimes he can get a bit overconfident with himself, calling himself a 'riddle master', but is selfless, brave and well-rounded in character either way. Like all of the other Wonderlandians, Alistair shows that he misses Wonderland a great amount. As such, he has a tendency to get haunting flashbacks about when he faced the Evil Queen and stayed back with Bunny Blanc.[1] His birthday is revealed on Facebook to be May 12th.[2]

Appearance Edit

Alistair has semi-long, messy white-blond, and dark blond hair, bright blue eyes, bangs and peach-colored skin. His signature, 'Signature - Royals' outfit has him wearing a dark bright blue rolled-up-sleeved, or mid-quarter-length sleeved shirt with patterns on it such as clocks, Queen of Hearts cards designs, pocket-watches, teapots and many other patterns and designs. He also has light blue at the cuffs resembling denim, light tan pants, and dark brown boots. He usually wears a brown water canteen around his waist and in the webisodes, a tan backpack. In the webisodes, Alistair wears a brown, chained necklace. In the webisodes, he lacks the canteen.

Interests Edit

Still new to the customs of Ever After, Alistair explores for the sake of knowledge. He finds fun in adventuring and getting to know more about whatever he's interested in. As a thinker, he's started a chess club but he and Bunny are currently the only two members.

Fairy tale Edit

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Relationships Edit

Family Edit

His mother is the titular Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, who is also the main character and titular character from Through the Looking-Glass, also known as Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

Friends Edit

Alistair cites Bunny Blanc as being his best friend since the first time they met. He's also close with all the students from Wonderland, as he defines specifically: "All of my Wonderland friends, from Madeline Hatter to Bunny Blanc."

Romance Edit

Alistair has strong feelings for Bunny, but thinks she only sees him as a friend. He's typically defensive when other boys talk to her.

Alistair is also the crush of Courtly Jester.

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